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Providing a Range of Security and Protection Services

Professional Security and Facilities Management

Providing a Range of
Security & Protection

We are an international based security company based in West Sussex. We pride ourselves of our reputation and offer premium security services. Our services range from dog handlers carrying and dog patrols, to drone security surveillance.

We also specialise in property and business premises, where we can carry out full risk management plans.


Close Protection

Our close protection officers are fully qualified and capable of preventing any threat or attempt at your safety. We use ex special forces from top elite military unites. Sometimes we use martial arts instructors or world champions. 


Site Dog Patrols

Here at Ace Security, we only use highly skilled dog handlers who hold SIA licenses and NASDV Level 2 licenses.

We offer dog patrols on homes, large premises, businesses, building sites and demolition sites.


Drone CCTV Security

Using drone security allows us to map out the target area and then send out an alert to the CCTV monitoring room which monitors all drone live footage. The heat of movement is picked up on the drone, making it impossible for unusual activity to go unnoticed.

Malinois puppies, Security Canines and Protection Dogs for Sale

Dogs for Sale
Malinois Puppies, Security Canines and Protection Dogs

All our dogs are carefully selected from top working lines. We only breed from our own stock. Most our breeding dogs are from European and American lines, that have imported by ourselves. Our lines are not show lines, they are 100% working lines and breed to have a very high drive to be extremely protective, as well as level headed and disciplined.

The dogs we breed have all achieved NASDV and IPO 1. Occasionally, we may sell a puppy to an agility trainer who can prove it’s going to be working in agility or IPO trials. Please note, we do not sell dogs to anyone under 21 years old. A strict contract will be signed and agreed upon an agreed sale.

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